Huaan Baoli steel: steel giant "gagger tender"

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Original title: Huaan steel Baoli iron giant "gagger tender"

Shenyang Huaan steel Baoli in Shen water industrial town

Shenyang Huaan Baoli steel factory

A car roared forward, left in front of the hard to hit in the concrete wall, nacelle collapse, car parts to fly around......

This site is not a serious traffic accident, but whether meet stringent safety standards for car detection test - 25% offset crash test. The results of the test, rapidly in the major sites, from the media and consumers to spread, become a safe scale of a car is worth buying "".

The car is safer, more thick and heavy plate is not optimal option. In fact, starting from the requirement of energy saving and emission reduction, lightweight is becoming a major direction of the development of the automobile industry.

Not only lighter, security strength, better and more, how to solve the seemingly contradictory demands?

Huaan Bao Steel Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Huaan steel Baoli) came into being. This by the world's top 500 investment enterprises, how to solve the needs of the automobile industry?

From cars to enjoy "flying into the homes of ordinary people"

The key of lightweight vehicles, new materials, new manufacturing process. In the choice of materials, Aluminum Alloy, carbon fiber composite materials, high strength steel and magnesium alloy materials can help the car weight in different degrees". But in quite a long period of time, due to the high cost, used only in the luxury car. Is there a kind of material, can achieve the lightweight and economic balance, more applied in the car?

At present, the industry focused on high strength steel. Compared with other materials, high strength steel still has great potential, become the most economic method to solve the lightweight. Huaan Baoli steel, is an expert in this field.

Huaan Baoli steel company by Bao Steel Group Steel (Gonvarri Steel Industries) and Valin ArcelorMittal (referred to as VAMA, is the world's largest Steel Corp, 500 world company ArcelorMittal and Chinese leading steel giant Valin Group joint venture) joint venture, the main production of hot forming laser TWBs, blanking products such as automobile, security structure, product technical level is at the leading position in the industry.

VAMA can supply from low carbon steel to ultra high strength steel and other steel series, especially with the world's leading patented technology of hot forming steel. Thanks to the support of ArcelorMittal provided technology, Huaan steel Baoli is able to launch a number of new concept of revolutionary body design to customers, including for hot forming laser safety cage TWB solutions. These solutions can improve the material utilization rate, reduce body weight, and improve the anti collision performance of the car. Integrated door ArcelorMittal developed is a perfect example of the advantages of laser welding plate. Different from the previous ten parts, the knocker only by a laser welding plate, through effective cloth can significantly reduce the material cost and simplify the production process, the use of new materials and continuous laser welding can improve the performances of parts.

In October 31st, the reporter saw in Shenyang Huaan Baoli steel factory, highly automated production lines with production to full load, ultra high strength steel products to the downstream manufacturers, will be pressing and moulding according to the requirement of the use of key structural beams and AB before and after the incarnation of column defending car safety reinforcement. Complete the vehicle weight, enhance the safety of the target.

"We are gathered ArcelorMittal, steel Baoli two international steel giant advantage technology", Shenyang Huaan steel Baoli director Li Haihua introduction, the company has a professional lightweight laser welding method, after blanking, to coating and laser welding by laser, the different thickness of plate material of different materials welded together, can effectively reduce body weight, will also significantly improve the safety performance of the vehicle.

This kind of steel, both soft and hard, can not only meet the "weight loss" requirement, and can greatly enhance the vehicle safety performance for automobile steel "gagger tender". This upgrade, in the automotive consumer safety standards in the United States standard to measure the merits of the automobile collision today, undoubtedly has a very big advantage.

In view of Chinese huge market demand, Huaan steel Baoli introduced international advanced technology, one after another in Jiangsu Changshu, Liaoning Shenyang, Chongqing Hunan and Loudi to build four advanced automotive steel factory, covering China major automobile industry cluster.

"We set up the company in China, is to reduce the cost, provide a shorter supply chain, improve customer service efficiency and response time." Li Haihua said.

In May this year, Huaan Baoli steel factory in Shenyang completed the first phase construction and officially put into operation. A year for processing 140 thousand tons of automobile steel, the four phase of the project was completed in 2021, the total production capacity is expected to reach 270 thousand tons. Once belongs to the luxury car exclusive "is light and safety, will soon fly into the homes of ordinary people, to be used in more general models.

Huaxia happiness service and steel Baoli speed

Such a technology leader, full capacity of the factory, from the location, settled into production, with only one and a half years. "We have to thank the Chinese happy staff, not their excellent work, we can't put it into production efficiency in this." Huaan steel Baoli responsible person said.

Li Haihua memories, the most touching a detail of his last winter. The new built factories, heating pipelines still have not had time to complete, the temporary use of the boiler to maintain the temperature, but the emergence of the "Paomaodilou" phenomenon so that we have a headache.

"Minus 20 degrees Celsius in weather, the well-being of Chinese industrial service staff in the outdoor investigation, coordination of relevant parties to solve the problem." Li Haihua said, just like us, they also put this factory home.

Planted trees, phoenix. For Huaan steel Baoli, choose settled in town is located in Shenyang Sujiatun Shen water industry, but this advantage, industry cluster and the ability to create Huaxia happiness leading industry service capabilities, the reason is very important.

Let professional people to do professional things, is one of the best ways to enhance the efficiency of the. "Happy Chinese service industry is very professional. Our factory enterprises in the construction process, the well-being of Chinese professional team have given great support and assistance in all the land, planning and construction procedures, and to give guidance and help in industry and commerce, taxation, legal, financial and other aspects." Huaan steel Baoli responsible person said.

It is this intimate butler service, so that enterprises can commit to product development and production. In the technical support can not be replaced by Huaan Baoli steel annual output of 600 million pieces of spare parts, automobile manufacturing enterprises all products and services extended to the northeast.

From leading to industrial clusters

In October 11th, BMW brilliance third factory in Shenyang Tiexi district started signing. The new industrial town water plant and Shen River at 10 minutes drive. This is a huge investment in the world automobile factory floor in Shenyang Tiexi, bring endless possibilities for the development of Shen water industrial town of automobile and parts industry cluster.

From a global perspective, both Japan and Tokyo, Germany or Stuttgart, prominent characteristics of automobile industry cluster development is "leading", the automobile companies, leading the project driven to cluster strong.

As the industrial town operators, Huaxia happiness Shen water industrial town into industry, explore and make full use of the surrounding industrial base, through the "leading", focus on building cars and parts industry cluster.

From 2015 to 2018, China happiness around the new energy vehicle and BMW core supporting parts, has introduced the Huaan steel Baoli, VAI, Foxconn, bole, Foggia and other Fortune 500 companies. In the agglomeration effect of leading enterprises, Shen water industrial town enterprises in the park has over 50 companies, including Germany Ma Yi vehicle inspection center, Germany lidengwei, three Japanese Sakura, Huace and many other well-known enterprises, a northeast automobile and auto parts industry cluster formation is high. (Yang Lun)

(commissioning editor Wang Shaoshao and He Yingchun)

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