"Capital drama staged a reshuffle of new energy vehicles

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Original title: "capital drama staged a reshuffle of new energy vehicles

With the rapid development of industry, the field of new energy vehicles become the focus of capital chasing. As a capital and technology intensive industry, new energy automobile manufacturing requires a lot of financial support, access to capital largely promote the development of new energy automotive industry. But at the same time, also produced such as overcapacity, blind investment and other issues. The industry believes that with the new energy vehicle market capital dispute intensified, coupled with the industry maturity and the continuous improvement of national policy, the new energy automotive industry began to enter the reshuffle.

The capital to boost the development of new energy vehicles

At present, China has for several years to become the world's largest new energy automobile producer and consumer market. According to the Automobile Association statistics, the first ten months of this year, the new energy car sales were completed 879 thousand cars and 860 thousand vehicles, compared to the same period last year growth of 70% and 75.6% respectively. The automobile association is expected in 2018, domestic new energy vehicle market sales of more than 1 million cars.

The rapid development and national policy support for the new energy automotive industry has attracted many different areas of business and capital into the bureau. Many new energy automobile enterprises have to seek a listing, in order to obtain financial support in the capital market.

By the end of 2017, Boland group to obtain 1 billion 625 million yuan qoros 25% stake, and boosting the development and production of new energy vehicles. That same month, China happiness chairman Wang Wenxue personal subscribed invested 330 million yuan acquisition of nearly 53.4% shares of new energy union. Since 2017, China happiness began to focus on investment in new energy vehicles, investment holding shares of a number of new energy automobile and parts enterprises.

In addition, including the GCL group, UOB shares, Jing Wei shares, GREE, ZTE, Dongfang, and garden, Wanda, Wantong real estate, Ken chase city and other companies have also entered the field of new energy vehicles. Such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other large Internet Co have already begun to get involved in the new energy automotive industry.

According to statistics, in recent years there has been a number of listed companies 70 investment including the new energy vehicle, battery, motor, electric control, charging stations and other related fields, the total investment has reached 1000 billion yuan.

Automobile manufacturing is a capital and technology intensive industries, the construction of a manufacturing plant is hundreds of billions of investment, a new model from development to final production of listed funds required is astronomical. While the new energy automotive companies in technology, innovation and other aspects of the capital investment is one of the difficulties they faced. Capital can help boost the new energy automobile enterprises to solve the bottleneck problem.

From a policy perspective, this year, the NDRC and other departments also introduced a continuous policy, clearly to encourage all sectors of society capital into the field of new energy vehicles.

As the new energy automobile leader, Beiqi New Energy Company in October this year to achieve a listing in A shares. Beiqi new energy Deputy Secretary of Party committee Lian Qingfeng said that through the capital market to open up the financing channels, increase enterprise of products, technology, industry layout and investment.

Beiqi new energy in the process of development, in addition to the vehicle has spawned many new formats, from traditional products to product + service + products, energy management, product + product + travel, wisdom City aspects of layout. After listing, the business sector may get more recognition and promotion." Lian Qingfeng said.

We should prevent blind investment in new energy vehicles

At the same time in the capital to promote the development of new energy vehicles, but also the problem of overheating, such as capital investment, blind overcapacity worries.

According to incomplete statistics, so far, relates to the new energy automotive industry to plan new projects with a total investment has reached 450 billion yuan, the planning capacity has more than 10 million vehicles.

Some experts said that with the new energy, information technology, network technology development, people are not only the new energy automobile as a car industry, but as an important platform for future network and Internet technology. Therefore, all capital are vigorously playing "the new energy automotive industry, and that the new energy vehicles is the only chance to enter the automotive field. At present, the capital of overheating has existed in the new energy automobile industry.

"Some capital to enter the field of new energy vehicles, some blind. They will be the new energy automotive research and development, production, manufacturing too easy. In fact, vehicle manufacturing is a very complex process, if there is no technical reserves, resources and experience very deep, cars would be one thing very difficult." Deputy director of the Automobile Dealers Association tangible market branch chief Su Hui said.

In addition, some experts said, there are also some capital into is a speculative nature, and not really want to promote the development of the industry, but to help the concept of new energy vehicles to get more capital gains; others are currently using the local government for the new energy vehicle project preferential policies for the larger interests of others; a problem will quickly exit.

Experts said that the Chinese new energy automotive industry is still in initial stage, there are still a lot of technology, service and other issues need to be solved and propulsion mode. Must step down, loneliness, a lot of actual investment in R & D, products and services, in order to achieve the continuous advance of industry.

New energy vehicles will aggravate the reshuffle

In view of this situation, countries have begun to regulate the market for new energy vehicles at the policy level.

In July this year, the NDRC released the latest version of the automobile industry investment management regulations, improve the access threshold of new energy vehicles. For the new location of the new energy automobile enterprise development ability, the scale of construction, new energy vehicles, new projects, new energy and new car company shareholders qualification and other aspects have put forward many specific requirements.

For example, the location of the new energy vehicle requirements provinces holdings shall not lower than the national average, can not exist with the product category of new energy vehicles zombie qualification. Major shareholder equity accounted for more than 1/3 of all shareholders, the completion of the project construction scale and production reached before shall not withdraw capital, with considerable new energy automotive technology, components, R & D, manufacturing and verification capabilities, with the core technology of pure electric vehicle patents and intellectual property etc..

In this regard, experts said, the new energy vehicles, highly targeted, will prevent the system from "PPT war", will also help to prevent the new energy vehicle project has become a simple game of capital, real ground to promote healthy and effective new energy vehicle project.

The Commission said, through the improvement of automobile industry investment project access standards, standardize the market main body of investment behavior, can guide social capital reasonably to prevent blind construction and disorderly development.

At the same time, new energy vehicles will further intensify competition, will accelerate the industry reshuffle is coming. With the rapid development of Chinese new energy automobile market, many multinational automobile enterprises have increased the development and production of new energy, intelligent vehicles, and China as the main market. In 2019 there will be new energy vehicles, a large number of foreign brands to enter the China market, which will have a certain impact on the independent new energy automobile enterprises. Gradually fall plus subsidies for new energy vehicles, will also have certain effects on the future market trend.

Experts said that the new energy vehicles is the future direction of development of the automobile industry, it is a firm. As a new emerging industry and trade, but also the need for policy and market norms, continue to promote the healthy development of the new energy automotive industry. (reporter Li Zhiyong)

(commissioning editor Wang Shaoshao and He Yingchun)

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