Chongqing Wansheng 10 years from the "coal" to "beauty" of the new green

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Original title: Chongqing Wansheng 10 years from the "coal" to "beauty" of the new green

From "because of coal and Xing" to "not only coal", is located in southern Chongqing, has been called "the coal city" Wansheng Economic Development Zone took 10 years. 10 years of transition to a road, "because of coal, coal and Xing, and according to the shortage of coal trapped" resource-based city, has become beautiful scenery, out of the "tour integration" development of tourism city. 5, Washington reporter walked into Wansheng through the open area, explore the former "war coal" green new.

Since 1938 in Wansheng Nantong Coal Mine began large-scale mining, anti Japanese War, Wansheng produced more than 100 tons of high-quality coal for Chongqing, nearly 500 thousand tons of metallurgical coke. At that time, the national government directly under the control of the largest and most important coal industry base in Wansheng to become, so it is called "the war of coal".

In 1955, Wansheng set up by mining area ", was one of 100 national key coal mining district. Wansheng's coal production was accounted for 1/4 in Sichuan, Chongqing 1/2. In the planned economy era, Wansheng has always been around the Nantong Mining Bureau of coal mining and layout, development. With the exhaustion of coal resources, in late 90s, Wansheng proposed the development ideas of resource-based city transformation. In March 2009, Wansheng was listed as the State Council announced the second batch of resource exhausted city, Chongqing is the only resource of economic transformation pilot city.

When the coal pillar base economy began to shake, determined not to resource development as the main economic pillars of Wansheng embarked on a transformation of the way.

In addition to coal are not what the Wansheng, how to transition in the gradual depletion of coal days? Reporters learned that through 10 years of exploration, Wansheng gradually break the "mine economy" old thinking, promote the transformation and upgrading of local industries, promoting regional economic "from underground to the ground, black to green, single to multi".

"The transformation of Resource-based City, the key is to promote economic transformation, social transformation and ecological transformation of the three major transformation." Wansheng Economic Development Zone Party committee secretary Xiao Meng in an exclusive interview with Xinhua reporters said that Wansheng is now at a critical stage of development and transformation of resource-based city.

Xiao Meng told Beijing reporters, economic transformation is the core of Wansheng as a resource-based city transformation. We vigorously promote the supply side structural reforms, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. In addition to shut down all 38 local coal mine, Wansheng continues to expand industry and the development of alternative industries, cultivate new industries."

It is reported that, through 10 years of development, Wansheng has gradually bid farewell to the coal resources for the support of the "underground" coal chemical industry, formed, new materials, equipment manufacturing three traditional industries and pharmaceutical, electronic information, general aviation three strategic emerging industries "3 +3" industrial cluster. The coal mining industry industrial output value accounted for by the decline in the proportion of 72% to 5% the highest in history.

In addition to the development of "3+3" industrial cluster, Wansheng is also a new development path of the integration of sports industry and tourism industry development.

2016 year 5 month, Wansheng officially confirmed the sports industry as a pillar industry in transition to build. In the 69 resource exhausted city, this is only the sports industry as a pillar industry in transition to build area.

With the "brigade integration" to further promote the Wansheng sports industry presents the vigorous development vitality. Build around the sports tourism industry complex ", in recent years, Wansheng vigorously carry out sports tourism scenic construction, and constantly improve the sports infrastructure.

According to the Wansheng Economic Development District Sports Bureau, the Wansheng invested a total of over 3 billion yuan, has built 1 district level fitness center, 10 fitness base, 100 fitness Park, 1000 outdoor fitness trails, the formation of city community 10 minutes fitness circle, the region's per capita sports area reached 2.19 square meters, and higher than the national average level of Chongqing city.

In order to attract popularity, sports tourism has become Wansheng tourism activation, normal. "Wansheng has not only the national 5A level scenic spots and black Valley, dragon scales, Shi Ordovician and a large number of natural and cultural landscape. At the same time, Wansheng is also the national badminton high level sports reserve base, the national sports industry demonstration base, the country's first full match skating training base and the first national Orienteering Training base." Xiao Meng said that in recent years, the Wansheng sports tourism as Wansheng tourism new characteristics and core competitiveness, the sports tourism industry to create a healthy implantation, a large number of features of the sports tourism scenic spots.

Xiao Meng told reporters that due to the rapid development of sports tourism, Wansheng tourism arrivals increased from 2014 to 2017 8 million 520 thousand passengers 18 million 60 thousand passengers, "so far this year the number of tourists is 21 million people, the number of tourists is expected to more than 22 million people."

From "because of coal and Xing" to "not only coal" for 10 years, Wansheng economic development zone have been the only resource type city tourism transformation development pilot area, the National Health District, the national sports industry demonstration base, national demonstration area of barrier free environment award, regional economic transformation from the coal industry "thriving" for the green development of diversified industries.

From the "coal" to the "beauty", Wansheng Economic Development Zone for the next ten years, the future can be expected. (reporter Han Lu)

(commissioning editor Wang Shaoshao and He Yingchun)

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